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Natural wool products for your health! 

About Us: 
PRIMAWOOL craft guild manufactures and sells natural wool products.
We are offering you ecological, original products from natural sources that will bring you maximum comfort.
Quality of PRIMAWOOL products has been verified by the laboratory accredited in the European Union and meets standard test AATCC-20:2007.
About products:
Felt is a 100 percent natural material. Felt used for our products is produced in our grandparents way: sheep wool is felted by using wet method: only water and natural soap.
It is long been known that wearing felt products improves blood circulation, soothes painfull joints, gives protection against cold or heat. 
Doctors say that in general wool soothes and balances human emotional state. Studies have shown that wool relieves pain and reduces inflammatory processes in the body. It strengthens the body, and undyed natural wool has strongest treatment effects.
Felt boots  are made from natural sheep's wool according to the old technology Valenki
Your feet will remain dry in winter snow or rain, because felting is very dense. 
You will be warm (without woolen socks) at minus 25-30 degrees Celsius (or at minus 28 degrees Fahrenheit). 
It is important, that boots at the same time are stylish and comfortable.
A special polyurethane outsole protects boots from water and mud.
Boots for small children have silicone overshoes for the convenient walking.
When you are buying felt wool boots you are buying them not for one season - they can last for years.
You can choose of standard and exclusive models.
Buy natural boots for you son or daughter!
You will be sure that in those winter boots air circulates around your child's legs, feet remain warm and dry, feet would not sweat.
Those boots can be used to warm the child when he gets cold. In this case boots can be worn at home without overshoes. Felt will help your child to get well because it will serve as a dry heater.
Also you can buy comfortable felt wool slippers to wear at home. 
Slippers are made from thin felt, they are soft, light and keep your feet dry. Slippers are decorated by manual embroidery.Handmade felt wool slippers will be a perfect  gift for your family members and friends.
Warm, natural wool winter boots and felt wool embroidered slippers are excellent choice for children and adults. 
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