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Felt wool boots Valenki

Price: 140.00 EUR
100 percent natural sheep's wool, with special outsole (height of 3 to 4 cm.). Decoration - hand knit. 
Warm and healthy.
Felt boots are made from natural sheep's wool by artisans.  
They do not get wet from rain or snow,  because felting is very dense. Boots of natural wool  are salt resistant. 
It is long been known that wearing felt wool boots improves blood circulation, soothes painfull joints, gives protection against cold or heat. In those boots air circulates on your legs, feet remain warm and dry, skin of the feet can breath in the boots. 
Felt boots  keep the feet warm even at -25-30 degrees of Celsius.
A special polyurethane outsole protects boots from water and mud.
Quality of PRIMAWOOL products has been verified by the laboratory accredited in the European Union and meets standard test AATCC-20:2007.
Care boots: before wearing, you can treat your boots with chemicals for moisture and dirt, if the boots are dirty, dry them at room temperature, and then clean with a rough brush. Boots can be cleaned with water and soap but not washed in a washing machine.
Felt boots sizes (US/EU/UK):
Delivery cost in Europe - 12 EUR.
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